Story of My Personal Branding.

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What is Personal Branding? When you start proving your worth to the people around you and make your mark in people’s mind who you are and what you are best known for
For me it was very difficult to prove my worth during my school time.
It was the Year 2012. Sports day was just few weeks ahead. I knew that time has come to prove myself in the field I am good at. It was my time to burn all my frustrations.
I had face lots of disappointments and failures. I wasn’t a bright student, not good in studies and an introvert guy who would think 10 times to speak to someone. Most of the times I was the reason of people laugh and jokes to be cracked out of.
But Yes, my classmates knew me for one good thing that I am a good footballer, helped my team to be the Winner of Inter-House Football Tournament for two consecutive years and I was also a good athlete.
Every morning I would wake up around 5, put my school bag of 10kgs on my back and start running for 4 kms every day. Trust me it was difficult to run. At times I would cry while running. Still I didn’t stop. I just couldn’t stop.
The frustration, the inner cry made it easy to not feel the body pain.
Then it was the day of Sports day…
I did it
Hard work paid off.

I was the winner of 200m race and second winner of 100m race. It felt so good knowing I have not let myself down. And given a reason to people to not look down on me.
Though this was just a small victory but this was my story of how I started to build my personal brand.
The morale behind the story is to understand and just accept it that you can’t be good at everything.
Move on!
Don’t waste your much time on weaknesses and crying for it.
Do Introspect. Identify your strengths, work hard for it and become the best in the field you are known for. Because Personal Branding is living inside people’s heart for what you are known best for.
If you could resonate my story and have gone through such moments of life.
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