An Endlessly Curious Soul.

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(A letter to myself)

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.
– Socrates

In the last two decades, I have worked across many advertising agencies, design houses, KPOs and Media Houses. Started a graphic design house. Somehow completed my bachelor’s degree in art. Got a certificate in sales and many – many courses in digital marketing. Complete numbers of online courses on topics ranging from NLP, Management, Relationships, Theatre and even story-telling.

I half-wrote 3 books and published none. Developed a SaaS product for years and failed. Many partnerships didn’t work. Acted in a TV show, which never got released. I tried public speaking and stuttered. Peddled Drugs for a friend. Lost a legal battle. Tried 20 type of diet plans and nothing worked. Bought 2 guitars and never made a single tune.

Finally owned my dream machine, a Harley-Davidson. Did 200kph on track. tried Muay-Thai, Boxing, Judo, Football, and more. I did rafting, rock-climbing, rappelling, para-sailing… the list is long. Saw a ghost, YES! Learned swimming in my 30s. Jumped in river Ganges from a cliff and dislocated my shoulder while struggling for air. I got myself Hypnotised on stage. I took acting workshops and dancing lessons. Bottomed-up neat rum bottle in a bet with friends. Gave painting, yoga, and cycling a shot, braved in a stage quiz talk. Scooted every possible remote beach of Goa.

I went to many music festivals, exhibitions, treasure hunts, rides. Explored different types of music from Beethoven to Honey Singh. I learned to make a really fine espresso. Read a few, and listened to hundreds of books and podcasts. Met all kinds of people at parties, bike rides, functions, and conferences across the globe.

This audit barely scratches the surface of the two decades of my life, but it does represent that I am an endlessly curious soul.



Story of My Personal Branding.


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